Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't even ask........

I can't explain my absence......I have missed you all......actually I have been peeking in and lurking a little.......I've had to check and see what you were doing.

I think I've become frustrated with Blogging because I want to post pictures and have minimal access to a digital camera.....figured you'd find my blog "boring" if I have so few to share.
Anyhoooooo........For late Feb. and early March I worked on a project for our Regional ASG meeting that was here in town. Have you checked out ASG?
http://www.asg.org/ I am a member and a Neighborhood Group leader and that little endeavor has kept me busy and having fun. Our group is called the Moonlight Stitchers since alot of the members work during the day and sew at night. Ah!!! I just thought.....I think I have a picture of the "nametag" we designed. They are supposed to be designed like a chatalaine.

This is Rhonda's

This is two pictures of Judie's

I think they are great!!!! I actually haven't had time to work on mine yet. Rhonda and Judie both work and they stilll get more sewing done than I do!

Okay.......now I need to get back to working on my pants pattern.......I lost my good pattern and I happen to be a "fitting nightmare" so this is NO fun! But I really need some more clothes real bad!!! All of my pants have to be made.....my body laughs at RTW.......don't ask.......

Toodles! Terri