Monday, November 30, 2009

Guess what!!!!

Look!! Oh my!! What BEAUTIFUL fabric!! Go see retromummy's blog...... she is doing a give-away here......for some reason I can't get the picture to show up! You know I really want to win but must tell you too! What fun we could have with that pretty stuff.
I'll try to post tomorrow as I have more stuff to show you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm still around......

but having computer issues still so it is "hit and miss" for me for awhile.......I've been keeping busy though. I actually made a couple of Fall table runners for MY house!......not the best angle for the picture huh?

I've been doing alot of other stitching too but must save my pictures to try to make my future blog posts more interesting (gg)......


I also wanted to post tonight so that I can wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I pray this is the best one you've had so far. My husband , son and I are going over to Dh's aunt Nila's for our feast. I want to see my lil' cutie Makayla......she is such a doll.......

I've been working on a smocked dress for her ......I just hope I can get it done before she out grows it ;o

I also so need to back to reading my favorite blogs....I miss you all so much!
I'm getting a little tired so must go stitch a bit before turning in for the night. Thanksgiving Blessings to you all my bloggy friends!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look!! I'm back.....and have "a pretty" to show

off!! Don't ya' just love my Hug swap items!! Oh so pretty!! The ribbon is wrinkled because I've been using it. This is my mug mat and hug mug wrap gift from Laura. She lives in the UK. Gosh it's pretty! Both of ours took awhile to get to their destination but mine was OH so worth the wait!!

Oh! BTW........ have you wondered where I've been?.......lost in "computer crash land"...I still don't exactly know what happened or how it fixed tech guy couldn't find a problem. I was soooooooooooooooooo out of just don't know. I had to call Allie a few times just so I could check on you all. I've missed so much.
You can bet I've already been to Among The Gum Trees to get my designs. I'd have gone nuts if I didn't have some of those designs traced out to stitch already.

Well what else? Hmmmmmmm......

I took a friend that is new to quilting to Mary Jo's last Friday.....Oh my! She went nuts.....I should have taken a picture of the LOAD in the back of her vehicle! Can you believe I only purchased some fuseable interfacing? Well I had budgeted my $$ for a new thimble from They came to my quilt guild meeting the next day so I had to save my $$. I got the Lacey Heart might be able to find it on the page.....I'm so in love with it, but I am soooooooooooo broke ;P

What else??......

Today I made a top for a fall table runner and liked it so well I cut out 3 more......THEN I put one together.... .well...... let's just say I've never done this before....the 2 sides of the runner have the edges of the strips on the sides so it sorta looks like prairie points along the edge/sides.....Well my inside points don't look to good :o( I did clip them.....
Not sure what to do now....I'll get someone to look at it before I bother to make the others.

I'm getting tired now, so I'll either go TRY to catch up on "blog-land", stitch my puddin' mouse, or knit!!