Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yikes....August is

gone already! Jeepers time sure does fly......my parents told me it would.

Well I'm almost finished with this quilt.....I know...I know....it is taking me FOREVER!! Didn't I tell you I work slow? It is really so cute. It is quilted now and has the prairie points on it. No pictures of that yet. I just have to press the bias binding(1st time to do that!), and then attatch it to the quilt.....oh....and then there is the lable that has to be done. I just cut my finger fixing my dinner so I guess I'll wait till tomorrow to work on it more......Sure don't want to get any blood on it. My finger sure is sore too.
I have finished other things since beginning this quilt......I'll try to upload more pictures to my Flicker album.
Now I need to catch up on reading my favorite blogs.........
more later!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I can't seem to do it all!!! Anyhoooooo...........
These have become come These....aren't they cute?
I have about 10 more but life keeps getting in the way of my stitching time!

I've also finished a few baby gifts.....maybe I'll show you when I can find the card to load them on the computer ;>
Yep.........pretty sure I know where the card is....it's just taking the time to do it. Part of this was done at my friend Carly's house(remember that trip?)........We got alot done but we chatted more than stitched.....imaging that! lol I'll be going back soon as most of the quilt is on her design wall(good excuse to go back) BTW..........she likes to pamper me........Jerry(her man) is one lucky fellow!

I do have something else that has slowed my stitching time......I had to take a Continuing Education class to keep my OTR/L license(sp?...I'm tired) current.....and I've been thinking of going back to work on a PRN(as needed) basis. Just say a prayer I hear and listen/obey God's plan. Usually he has to knock me up-side the head for me to get it right. More on the job later(maybe...)

BTW...........paying attention in class today was extra hard as a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet dear friend of mine, Camille, was having surgery. I wish you all could meet her. She is a doll and so talented. Please pray for complete healing and recovery.

hugs, Terri

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cute lil' girls have been

consuming my attention for a bit!! But now they are all home and I'm trying to get back into my sewing. Jennifer(right) was here all last week, and Makayla(left) was just here for a day. We stayed very busy!! They just grow up way too fast. I let Jennifer borrow #1 in my Trixie Belden book series to read and now she is hooked!! She took #2 home with her too as she was almost finished with the 1st one when she left. My sisters and I read Trixie books when we were kids. Loved them!! I need to find more of them.
If everything goes as I hope I'll be going to Sumter, SC on Sunday to spend a couple of days sewing with my friend Carly. I'm "sew" excited to get away........even if it is only 1 hr. away from home. I'm going to try to get some of my stitchery stuff together to take too.
I'm having withdrawls(sp?) as I haven't had a chance to read my bloggy news from you all......maybe tonight.......now I think I'm going to go get some more pillow slips done.
hugs, Terri

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Whew!! What a whirlwind.....

of a time it's been.......I'll never be able to tell you everything that has been going on........I really wanted to post before now too but not a chance!
I've had this lil' cutie Jessica( the girl) visiting for a couple of days..........actually Butters(the pup) was visiting that day too....Tomorrow I leave to drive to Ga. to pick up my other niece Jennifer(pictures to follow I'm sure) for the week next week.
She is going to have to help me finish these little projects as I have 2 baby showers next week!

Man!! This getting pictures and the words on the page like I want them is a pain!! Surely there is an easier way!!

I've still got to get a couple of burp cloths stitched up too.....sometime. I've decided the quilt will be a gift for the NEXT shower I go to for Cillie's baby Riley.

The 2nd shower popped up unexpectedly as my friends have been trying to adopt.......well let's just say since the 1st family fell through, Karen and Tony were more than willing to take sweet little AJ home with them. It really all happened so fast! They have been real blessed with gifts and such since it all happened. I get to hold him Thursday night........think they'll notice if I sneak him out in my bag?? 8D

Okay.......I really need to go get some shut-eye.

hugs and stitches for now, Terri

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow!!! I've been "sew".......

busy I haven't had a chance to blog. I've been peeking in to check on you all briefly, but haven't taken the time to post as I've been working under a deadline.......a deadline imposed by me that I think I have decided to IGNORE now!! I want to enjoy this sewing journey......I tend to pray alot for the reciepient when I stitch and I just can't do a good job if I hurry.

Want to see one of the things I'm working on?? Here is a snippette

I'm not real great at getting these little points just right and I'm a bit weary of "unsewing" a couple of them, but this one looks the best so far. And it is the right size!! Yipeeeeeee!

Eventually all of the blocks will look like

the one with the sail boats!! Too cute huh?? I saw it an a quilt shop and knew it would be perfect for one of my best friends new grandson......I'm going to stitch his name (Riley) on one of the boats. I've also been dreaming about what sort of lable to put on the back......Please feel free to send me your ideas.....I want it to be something besides a retangle with words........
On another note....I've been thinking of putting a sign out front on my lawn.........It would read:

The Foster Home
(no vacancies at present)
Our last name is Foster.......my friends joke and call us the "Foster Home" because we are always taking someone in needing help.............
So we have a new resident again.........the last one was here about 3 weeks this past May........hummmmmmmm......
Really it's not that bad....I just have to remember to wear my robe in the mornings! Anyway.....say a prayer for this young man......he is a dear and has no family for support(parents are deceased).....He and my son Anthony are good friends and thinking of "rooming" together, but it just hasn't worked out yet.

Now I'm off to make a salad and then get back to sewing.
hugs, Terri

Monday, June 28, 2010

I have "sew" much to tell you about!!

Remember this??

Well the winner was me!!!!! Yep!! Well Allie had to call me on the phone......She was all giddy and gigglie......She said "Go look at Jenny's blog".....so of course I went right away!! Well low and behold!!!! Lookie!! I can't tell you how very THRILLED I was and still am.......I've been trying to get my pictures sorted out so I could tell you all about it.....but I seem to have lost those pictures for a second time(you know I'm new with the picture thing remember).......So I gave up and swiped a copy of Jenny's picture, because it has been way too long and I'm OVERDO in time in my announcement. I did email my dear sweet Jenny right away though to thank her!!! I was amazed @ how fast the package arrived.

Oh yeah!! Be sure to go over to Jenny's blog and check out her new BOM!! I'm so excited! Her new button is on my sidebar.
And I just have to tell you about what dear sweet Judith @ Creative Studio did.......
I mentioned to her that I had got a new digital camera for my birthday but was a bit late to enter her challenge........Well she sent me a sweet note of encouragemant to get started and even sent me her Kris Kringle pattern to get me going!! So go click on her button on my sidebar( I hope it's there!) and then you can see all of the wonderful pressies everyone has been making. I've got to do double time to get some things going myself. Are't all of our "blogland" friends so wonderful??

And now look @ these pictures!!!! My best friend Besty here in SC made this chain for my antique thimble holder to hold my sterling silver thimble!! I just love it! I have the best friends ever!!!

Well I guess I've tried to hold your attention long enough ;>
Oh!! But Wait!!!
One more thing......... You've got to go visit my friend Pam @ her new blog HERE. She is sooooooooooo talented AND productive even though she has a full-time job. She just kills me. Oh and I haven't found the pictures of all the goodies she sent me for my birthday.....yes.....more pressies for me! Honestly I don't ever remember getting more pressies @ one time! I am so BLESSED!!
With that lil' note.....I'll go for now!
See ya later!
hugs, Terri

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yes!! Another post!! Already!!!!!!

Well I intended to post last night, but I fell asleep.....I was working on my pants pattern after dinner......got a little sleepy 'bout 8:30pm so went to my bedroom and decided to shut my eyes for a few minutes. Well around 12am my dear sweet husband came in and said "Why don't you get under the covers?

Anyhoooooo...........so here I am

again now........so look at this picture!

Makayla(my niece) came to see me on my birthday. She and my husband Brian are hams when it comes to pictures. She is such a doll.

Now I know I told you the other day that I received some more great pressies.......but I've still got to get the pictures sorted out. Remember.....I'm new @ this picture thing still.

Oh! And do you remember?....I won a "giveaway" recently. Boy oh boy was that ever a THRILL! Did you get that? A THRILL!! I mean to tell you I was THRILLED. More to come on that in another post.

See ya soon!
hugs, Terri

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Look What I got my for my Birthday!!!!!

My dear sweeeeeeeestest husband granted my long awaited wish!!! Isn't he such a darling!??? You know I've mentioned how hard it has been to get pictures posted. Well the only excuse I have now is I still have a bit to learn about the camera and software, but I think I'm on my way!! I really hope to post more often now......I know, I know.....I've said that before ;O

And I have more news.......but you'll have to wait.....ok?....I'll give you a hint.......I got a REAL special prize in the mail a few days ago, but of course I haven't posted about it because I had no way to show you!!! Ha! Now I do!! Yep! I'm happy dancin' here......more on that in another post.

See ya soon! Terri

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't even ask........

I can't explain my absence......I have missed you all......actually I have been peeking in and lurking a little.......I've had to check and see what you were doing.

I think I've become frustrated with Blogging because I want to post pictures and have minimal access to a digital camera.....figured you'd find my blog "boring" if I have so few to share.
Anyhoooooo........For late Feb. and early March I worked on a project for our Regional ASG meeting that was here in town. Have you checked out ASG?
http://www.asg.org/ I am a member and a Neighborhood Group leader and that little endeavor has kept me busy and having fun. Our group is called the Moonlight Stitchers since alot of the members work during the day and sew at night. Ah!!! I just thought.....I think I have a picture of the "nametag" we designed. They are supposed to be designed like a chatalaine.

This is Rhonda's

This is two pictures of Judie's

I think they are great!!!! I actually haven't had time to work on mine yet. Rhonda and Judie both work and they stilll get more sewing done than I do!

Okay.......now I need to get back to working on my pants pattern.......I lost my good pattern and I happen to be a "fitting nightmare" so this is NO fun! But I really need some more clothes real bad!!! All of my pants have to be made.....my body laughs at RTW.......don't ask.......

Toodles! Terri

Friday, January 22, 2010

Here I am again.....

With a "finish"! Ta-Da!

and this is this inside........the birds on the pocket are even right side up!

Actually I have finished a couple of things, but I can't find the pictures. I'll have to get Brian to re-take them for me......

I might try to start a list in my side-bar of "2010 Finishes".....Maybe it will keep my motivation up. I did hit a roadblock on one of my quilts though, and it has really put me in a downward tailspin. I'll go to the quilt shop on Wed. to get some help. In the meantime I'm also working on some clothes for the children in Haiti. It is so heartbreaking what they are all going through. I actually have too many projects going right now.(what's new huh?)

I'll try to post again before I leave(I hope) on Thurs......I'm going back down to Ga. to visit my family. I haven't been since Christmas.
Oh Yeah!
Today is actually Jessica's nineth birthday.........
BTW, please say a prayer for her family......her mom and dad are now un-employed.......and in the middle of a D#@*#!@....... Tracie and Jessica might have to move out of their APT. as Tracie just doesn't have the rent for Feb. 1st ........TMI? Sorry.......
Anyhoo......Oh!! And it is Marty's Birthday today too.......That is my BIL(Deb's husband) and Jennifer's dad.......Bored yet? teeeheeee
Got to dash so keep stitchin' til next time!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She did it again.......

Yep!! She has created another BEAUTIFUL masterpiece!! You need to go to Jenny's blog here.......to see it. Oh GOSH!! How I wish I could go out and get that very same fabric too......soooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty. But alas my Dh is job hunting so I must be content with what I have......and I really am blessed beyond measure though.
Please say a prayer my my sister Tracie.....she has lost her job.......she is in the middle of a divorce from her husband AND he is unemployed at the moment too( for the last 6 mos.)......I really don't know how my sister Debra can stand either one of us right now. I pray for protection for her(Debra) and her husbands job everyday now.
more later.....toodles!