Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Please consider helping......

A friend of our needs our help, prayers and support...... Terry's husband [from Terry's Treasures] had an accident at work and the family is facing some difficult adjustments in their future - a long and stressful recovery after surgery is just the 1st part. Laurie from A Yankee Quilter is organizing a block party to make a quilt for the family. She's looking for 9 1/2" blocks from quilters, and will enter your name into a draw for a jelly roll. Please pray for Terry, her husband and family as they go through a very difficult time. I think these quilt blocks will be filled with lots love if you decide to stitch one up......
More from me later!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayer request and a new "find".....

1st ..... I really want you to pray for Terry as she and her family really need our support and prayers. I'm hoping she will call me, and I will ask about giving updates if she wants me to. They are really going to go through alot of changes in their lives....but God is so good and He will sustain them and use them all in great ways......I have every bit of faith in His works.


Then, you really have to check out my new discovery here!! Oh my!! Allie has led me to another great blog/creator!! I think I'm going to be up awhile tonight as I've got to go back over there to check everything out more. Kinda' hoping my phone will ring too......


I'll post more soon....I've got to talk Dh into taking pictures of a few things so I can share them with you. I had a great weekend visiting my sisters!! But I ate too much!!

Don't forget to be praying for Terry.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fabric shopping is "sew "....

much fun.....and I have no pitures yet to show you.....I'm sorry.....I went to Gastonia, NC today to meet up with a friend of mine down from NH....She just HAD to go to Mary-Jo's since she was this close!! We had a great lunch and then some shopping...I got some muslin and a few yards of different colors of Fariy Frost fabrics....yummy colors too. I'll try to get pictures up when I get back....

Back? back from where you ask? I'm driving down to Ga. to visit my family for the weekend.....haven't been all summer. I'm hoping to post my Hug Swap before I leave....Laura and I have already figured out it will be awhile till either of us gets ours because of the distance, but we're okay with that. She won't even be back to the address I have for her til mid- Oct. It gives us something both to look forward to.....


I really doubt I'll get to check-in on you all while I'm gone......I'm going to hate that! Maybe I can get Santa to bring me a wireless laptop for Christmas......... Ha! ....don't hold your breath....been hoping for that a couple of years ;o( Oh well......I'm thankful for the PC I do have......
Now you all have a great weekend.....Stitch some for me!!!
hugs, Terri

Monday, September 21, 2009

Zip on over to.....

Green Fairy Quilts Yep!! there is another great giveaway, but you need to be quick. Go to Green Fairy Quilts and look.....I just love those colors. I've got to go back and check her blog out just cheered me up to see her page and those quilts.


Now let's see....what else can I tell you about......Why was I MIA for so long? I had unexpected company(his name is CR) for a loooooooooooooooong time. I'm just starting to get back in my groove and he will be back again soon!! But only for 1 night I think.....He'll be back on his way home to KY....... really he is never any trouble and we adore him. But my Dh and I laugh everytime he calls to come visit because we know he is already on his way and he always wants to eat out when he is here and we just can't afford it. I wouldn't and trade him in though, because he is a great fellow and I know he'd be right here in a jiffy if I needed him. We met way back when I was in college and have kept in touch all these years.


What am I working on? Well mostly my Hug Swap and some knitting for the Holidays.......then I have a few things I have to hem for myself.......I have a Stitchery from Wollowberry Designs that I'm dying to start on, and I have my Christmas fabrics for my designs for Jenny of Elefantz .... I love those Christmas trees of hers!

I'm also thinking about Christmas gifts to make....... not everyone I know likes handmade things....I need to make a list.....honestly my sisters are my very favorite people to give to @ Christmas but the last few years we forgo giving to each other so we can give to someome else.....I like to give their girls something too but often have a hard time thinking of a "special gift" that will be meaningful and remembered.....I usually give the girls 3 gifts like how the Wisemen each gave Jesus a gift....okay...I'm rambling.....

So what are you all doing for Christmas gifts?


Maybe in the next day or two I'll post pictures of another project I'm working on......It's another Beading project and it's taking FOREVER!!! Wow!! It is late( for me) I should go to bed....guess I'll stitch more tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look what happened while I've been MIA......

Allie said it so well and she said I could "copy & paste" her words as you all know I hate to type ;P
"There's A New Blog In Town Among The Gum Trees, a brand spankin' new blog by NINE Aussie designers, has launched! If you love hand stitching and darling projects, be sure to check them out. Brainchild of Jenny of Elefantz, this is a wonderful new place where the designers will be offering free designs, and news of their latest releases. LOTS of free new designs are coming! And each designer will be having a give-away. You can enter them all!One of the designers, Paula, has launched a wonderful new BOM, Life's A Hoot. You can click on the button on my sidebar(note to self to remember to do that) or her name, go to her blog, and click the Life's A Hoot button on her sidebar. That will take you to her site to download the pattern.I need more hands to keep up with these gals - they are so talented!" Boy oh boy what fun we are going to have!! I'm "sew" excited about this!! Now I've got to got check all of this out for myself. I'll post about my MIA adventures in another post.


BTW, I do have to tell is the 2 year anniversary of losing my getting thru today has been tough so far.........maybe one day I will tell you about how I ended up with 2 moms.....but this is the one that raised me......I learned to sew by peeking over her shoulder. She was my female version of my soulmate.......shortly after she died I realized that I had done alot to grow up to be a bit like her......she was a homemaker, she sewed, put veggies up in the summer for her family, kept a spotless house(I'm still working on this one), was always there when someone needed something, loved her family fiercely, had more stamina and endurance than you can imagine. I still can't cook like her Dh says I can pack a house, cabinet or a suitcase just as well as mama.....She never got to see my sewing room, and I'm always catching myself wishing I could show her my latest project. I'll love that dear, sweet woman dearly til the day I die.

This was taken Christmas 2005.......

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This is the "little ham".....

This is my youngest sister Tracie's daughter, Jessica(now 8 ys/o)......the pic is about 2 yrs old but I just love this one of her.....She was modeling this dress I had made for her, but it was a bit big! She is the "girly girl" of my nieces so far.....she is quite the sassy little one!
This is Jessie in my sewing room around the same time......she had just discovered on the computer!! She doesn't have a computer at her house....even yet! So now she likes to visit me mostly for PC time not "aunt Terri" time! She looks just like her mom at any age you pick along the timeline.


I didn't spend much time in the sewing room was just too nice outside to stay in. I'll probably get some stuff together to take outside to stitch tomorrow if it is nice out again. My Dh is a "work-aholic" (sp?) and not a holiday person so we don't have any special plans for Labor Day tomorrow.

I might venture out tomorrow to get another pen for tracing stitcheries......I've got 3 here that have dry nibs but ink in them.....any suggesstions on how to get them to work?


Yes....I'm playing with the colors and font sizes as I type.....can't help myself! I'm already wanting to change my blog some but the backgrounds I've tried don't show up. And boy do I ever need more pictures.....that is one of the main reasons I don't post more......which might be a good thing(big grin here:) tee heeeee


Okay.....Dh has come to tell me about his computer I'm off to be the "attentive wife" for a bit before we unwind for bedtime! Kinda late for a glass of wine.....but oh well.... hmmmmm..maybe some music too.

nitey nite!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a cute little....

we will all get to must go check out Dorothy's blog! I just think it is going to be so cute!
Now don't fall off your chair but I hope to post again......tomorrow......