Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hmmmmm......what will get your attention?

My latest little things I've made......In the hoop Eyeglass cases from I'm making up a bunch of these for the Hands Of Love project some of us are doing from the MEH forum.....a gift project to support military family members. They get gone as fast as I can make them.....I have some aprons I want to get done too with a Sampler design from .
Did ya' see the button on my sidebar for my flicker album?? I'm working on adding a few pictures at a time.....Flicker seems alot easier than Photobucket....especially when you have Allie on the other end of the phone line coaching!! I couldn't do this blog without her.
Now I'm off to do some dreaded mending.......something I hate to do!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I must tell you......

Zip on over to Pumpkin Patch Primitives and see what is going on! She's giving away the most beautiful fat qtrs.! Isn't this fabric to die for? I just love it!! Tell her who sent you!
I must admit Terry told me about it.....BTW, John is doing better.....


Not alot going on here......I'm having trouble getting settled and motivated on a project....I changed some of the furniture around in my sewing room which always stimulates me a little. Now I feel like I've got to decide how to handle Christmas this year. I think it will be cards and ornaments this year.....still have to think on it.....
I want to smock a dress for this lil' darlin' if I can......

Dh and I tried to go see her the other evening, but she had a fever and wasn't feeling well. I sure hope she doesn't have the flu!!


Now I need to see what I can get done in my sewing room while our dinner is baking.....


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another antique....

this is one of my favorite antiques in my's a middle to late 1800's Pie/Bakers Rack if I remember correctly. I have books and fabric stored inside.....the little crochet bag in the front holds an antique tape measure with kittens on it. I just love it.
I've been staying away from my computer as everything electrical or mechanical is failing me. My son's car died, my heat is out and winter is coming, my dryer died and Fri. evening my "check engine" light in my van came on and Dh's van is sputtering.......dare I turn a sewing machine on now? Even my light box to trace Joy of the new design?? I'm kinda scared....
I'm anxiously waiting to hear from my swap partner....we have our hug swaps traveling between the UK and USA.....can't wait to see mine....we knew we'd both get ours late. Hate that I forgot to take a picture before I sent Laura's off ;<
Not much else to tell....soon as I think it is safe to touch Dh's digital camera(mechanical device, you know) I'll show you a picture of the quilt blocks I found at the thrift shop today. They are sooooooo cute!! and lots of them.....Allie called me while I was plundering through the place. She was no help to discourage me from making purchases!!
I'm off to see what I can do without tearing it up!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Want to see something pretty?

No....I cannot take credit for this.....I'm not nearly that good at sewing......yet! I'll die trying though! These are 2 vintage dresses that I own.....from different auctions/estate sales. Every now and then I'll start posting pictures of some of my "finds"....I have alot of this kind of stuff and I'm getting tired of cleaning all of it. For a long while I was bad about buying it and not cleaning it right away(aside for checking for bugs). I've sold alot of stuff along the way....which was usually what was washed.
My Dh walked around my sewing room the other day and took the closets, drawers...everywhere! Allie of be so happy and bugging me to post everyday till she sees it all!!
Jeepers!! It's October already....
Wow!! My parents were right.....they said the older you get the faster time goes!! I wasn't so sure about that but I am convinced now. I really love the change in weather.....I breathe so much easier when it is cooler.
Well now....I'm off to either sew Girl Scout patches on Jennifer's (my niece) vest or fight with my lack of skill sewing with a twin needle and get some dreaded hemming done that is long overdue because I've been too busy doing stitcheries from the great talented girls at I'm still waiting on their new disigns since they started their collaboration.
Oh!! one more thing......have been over to Laurie's to sign up to do a block yet?? You could win a jelly roll!!! And more importantly give some love and support to Terry and her family.