Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I wanted to pop in and say "Hello".....I hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday season. I was way busier than I had hoped and only peaked in a few times to make sure you all were still here......I've missed "blog-land". I sure hope to be more active here now that the rush is over.
I wanted to show you the cutest pillow cases I made for the girls, but I can't find the pictures. The picture above is of the top of my 5 drawer antique spool cabinet with a stash of stuff on it.


I might not post again this year so .......I'll leave you all with my wishes for a Happy New Year! May we all be more and more like our savior as we grow together.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Do your plans ever......

get de-railed? ;O Boy has that ever been happening to me alot lately! Jeepers! Anyway.....I've been "lurking a little here in blog-land as I've been so busy and then got sick too....yuk! I still have remnants of sinus yuk but feel better....just tired.


Anyhoo.....lookie at this.......

and another view............

I can't help but wonder if there isn't an easier way to post these pictures so please bear with me....This is a machine embroidery design I made into a stuffed ornament. I love Ginger's designs from Gone Sewing......You should check it out here. I added some bling with my crystals and mini-clover iron.

I've been doing lots of other stuff too........mater-of-fact I need to get some embroidery done on some towels I promised my aunt. Yesterday a couple of us from my ASG group went over to 1 members house for a sit-n-sew.........well that was a turned out to be a trace pattern, cutting out and fusing pieces session.......there was not a chance to turn the machines on even....We working on the Birdie Sling by Amy Butler.


Guess I best get busy again or I'll be out for the count already tonight.......Is anyone else having trouble adjusting to the time change? Soon as it gets dark outside I want to crawl between my sheets!