Friday, July 31, 2009

It is really afternoon but......

Well that didn't work.....I typed out the post, hit "preview", saw my post then Poof!! It was gone! Fiddle Sticks! Hope I get the hang of this soon ;0
I wanted to thank my visitors for coming by to visit my new blog. I hope to add some info to my profile soon. In the meantime, I'll just tell you that I love to sew, do most any embroidery, especially Stitcheries. I also love antiques, vintage textiles, art work and books. Alot of my stash comes from auctions, yard sales and thrift stores. I'll have to take some pictures of my "finds" and my sewing room.
I'm hoping that this blog will be a vehicle to encourage me to do more of what I love and not distract me. That is where you come in.....any volunteers to be cheerleaders? I dream up big ideas, but my fear of messing up a piece of fabric or lace impeads my ability to get started.
okay....I'm off again to see what else I can get into......I think I really want to get out of the I'm just going to hit the "publish post" button and hope for the best!! (big grin and crossed eyes!)


Allie said...

Well you know I'll be your biggest cheerleader!!!! Yes take pics. Lots and lots of pics. Especially of your sewing room - since it might be awhile before I get down there. I wish you were coming with me and Cathy tomorrow!

Fine Stitchery said...

Terri - here's a hint - - - type out your blog entry in Word, save it to a file on your computer, then highlight the whole thing, copy and past it into your Blog entry dialog box. You've then got a backup in case of fatal blog screw-up!!!! Just don't even ask me how I came to figure this out! from Sparkle - I'm not a great cheerleader but I'm a pretty good friend. And YES!! I want to see pics of all those great serendipitous finds!!!!