Thursday, January 13, 2011

Look what we......

awoke to on Monday morning!!! Oh my!! almost 5 inches of snow! It is oh so pretty! But boy does our state(SC) ever "shut down" when it snows! I actually didn't even go out in it till today because of the ice......crutches + ice= disaster for me! My sweet husband got an extra long weekend so that was kinda nice. The next day they all went in late and one of the guys fell and broke 2 ribs. Needless to say I started a pot of homemade Chicken Noodle soup as soon as Brian left that day for work in hopes to cheer him up when he arrived home. He has taken some for lunch everyday since then.
I'll try to get more pictures of the snow up in my Flicker Album soon.
I've also got to upload a picture of my 1st finish for 2011. I started it in Nov. or was it Oct.? Anyway I'll need it to carry all of my "finished UFO's" to show at the quilt guild meeting.
We're actually meeting an extra time this month(this Sat.) to do some charity sewing.
In the meantime I've got to "catch up" on all my Aus. friends. Been praying for them daily. Such a sad thing for so many.
hugs, Terri

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Allie said...

You got the same amount we did, lol! No shutdowns here though. Doesn't it look pretty for the first five minutes?
I'm so glad to see you blogging more!