Monday, September 21, 2009

Zip on over to.....

Green Fairy Quilts Yep!! there is another great giveaway, but you need to be quick. Go to Green Fairy Quilts and look.....I just love those colors. I've got to go back and check her blog out just cheered me up to see her page and those quilts.


Now let's see....what else can I tell you about......Why was I MIA for so long? I had unexpected company(his name is CR) for a loooooooooooooooong time. I'm just starting to get back in my groove and he will be back again soon!! But only for 1 night I think.....He'll be back on his way home to KY....... really he is never any trouble and we adore him. But my Dh and I laugh everytime he calls to come visit because we know he is already on his way and he always wants to eat out when he is here and we just can't afford it. I wouldn't and trade him in though, because he is a great fellow and I know he'd be right here in a jiffy if I needed him. We met way back when I was in college and have kept in touch all these years.


What am I working on? Well mostly my Hug Swap and some knitting for the Holidays.......then I have a few things I have to hem for myself.......I have a Stitchery from Wollowberry Designs that I'm dying to start on, and I have my Christmas fabrics for my designs for Jenny of Elefantz .... I love those Christmas trees of hers!

I'm also thinking about Christmas gifts to make....... not everyone I know likes handmade things....I need to make a list.....honestly my sisters are my very favorite people to give to @ Christmas but the last few years we forgo giving to each other so we can give to someome else.....I like to give their girls something too but often have a hard time thinking of a "special gift" that will be meaningful and remembered.....I usually give the girls 3 gifts like how the Wisemen each gave Jesus a gift....okay...I'm rambling.....

So what are you all doing for Christmas gifts?


Maybe in the next day or two I'll post pictures of another project I'm working on......It's another Beading project and it's taking FOREVER!!! Wow!! It is late( for me) I should go to bed....guess I'll stitch more tomorrow.

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Allie said...

'Bout time you updated, sweet pea. *G* I need to make a Christmas list too, although I don't really want to make anything this year. I went overboard with making quilts last year. But I don't want to buy anything either - we can't afford it! Sigh.
We've been doing 3 gifts only for the boys for many years. Because of course, Jesus got 3 gifts. It's tradition now and the boys have a hard time coming up with 3 things they want! I can't figure out if they're spoiled and already have everything they want, or just not greedy.