Sunday, September 6, 2009

This is the "little ham".....

This is my youngest sister Tracie's daughter, Jessica(now 8 ys/o)......the pic is about 2 yrs old but I just love this one of her.....She was modeling this dress I had made for her, but it was a bit big! She is the "girly girl" of my nieces so far.....she is quite the sassy little one!
This is Jessie in my sewing room around the same time......she had just discovered on the computer!! She doesn't have a computer at her house....even yet! So now she likes to visit me mostly for PC time not "aunt Terri" time! She looks just like her mom at any age you pick along the timeline.


I didn't spend much time in the sewing room was just too nice outside to stay in. I'll probably get some stuff together to take outside to stitch tomorrow if it is nice out again. My Dh is a "work-aholic" (sp?) and not a holiday person so we don't have any special plans for Labor Day tomorrow.

I might venture out tomorrow to get another pen for tracing stitcheries......I've got 3 here that have dry nibs but ink in them.....any suggesstions on how to get them to work?


Yes....I'm playing with the colors and font sizes as I type.....can't help myself! I'm already wanting to change my blog some but the backgrounds I've tried don't show up. And boy do I ever need more pictures.....that is one of the main reasons I don't post more......which might be a good thing(big grin here:) tee heeeee


Okay.....Dh has come to tell me about his computer I'm off to be the "attentive wife" for a bit before we unwind for bedtime! Kinda late for a glass of wine.....but oh well.... hmmmmm..maybe some music too.

nitey nite!


Terry said...

You need a header for your blog! Do you have a photo of something you made or some stitching or anything like that? I'll be happy to make you one if you give me something to work with! :0)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Keep your background a light color. Those dark ones are so harrrrrd to read. Here's a free site with all kinds of fun things for your blog.

Your niece has the most beautiful light blonde hair. She's a lucky girl to have an aunt that sews for her.

Allie said...

She's so adorable! But you knew that. *G* I've spent ALL my time in the sewing room - really wanted to go to the State Fair, but no.

ScrappyGypsy said...

You have totally adorable nieces!

Deb said...

A cutie pie for sure!