Saturday, July 17, 2010

Whew!! What a whirlwind.....

of a time it's been.......I'll never be able to tell you everything that has been going on........I really wanted to post before now too but not a chance!
I've had this lil' cutie Jessica( the girl) visiting for a couple of days..........actually Butters(the pup) was visiting that day too....Tomorrow I leave to drive to Ga. to pick up my other niece Jennifer(pictures to follow I'm sure) for the week next week.
She is going to have to help me finish these little projects as I have 2 baby showers next week!

Man!! This getting pictures and the words on the page like I want them is a pain!! Surely there is an easier way!!

I've still got to get a couple of burp cloths stitched up too.....sometime. I've decided the quilt will be a gift for the NEXT shower I go to for Cillie's baby Riley.

The 2nd shower popped up unexpectedly as my friends have been trying to adopt.......well let's just say since the 1st family fell through, Karen and Tony were more than willing to take sweet little AJ home with them. It really all happened so fast! They have been real blessed with gifts and such since it all happened. I get to hold him Thursday night........think they'll notice if I sneak him out in my bag?? 8D

Okay.......I really need to go get some shut-eye.

hugs and stitches for now, Terri


Terry said...

I suppose it's good to be busy! I try to look at life that way! I have my blog set up so that the photos are medium size and they stay in the middle. Then the text goes above and below them. Not sure if that will help you or not. Have a great Sunday! :0)

Allie said...

Goodness isn't she blond though - a true towhead! She's lovely, Terri. I hope you're having a grand time with your nieces!
What a blessing for Karen and Tony! I love the look of your project, and I want to see it finished! Call me when things settle a bit, k?