Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow!!! I've been "sew".......

busy I haven't had a chance to blog. I've been peeking in to check on you all briefly, but haven't taken the time to post as I've been working under a deadline.......a deadline imposed by me that I think I have decided to IGNORE now!! I want to enjoy this sewing journey......I tend to pray alot for the reciepient when I stitch and I just can't do a good job if I hurry.

Want to see one of the things I'm working on?? Here is a snippette

I'm not real great at getting these little points just right and I'm a bit weary of "unsewing" a couple of them, but this one looks the best so far. And it is the right size!! Yipeeeeeee!

Eventually all of the blocks will look like

the one with the sail boats!! Too cute huh?? I saw it an a quilt shop and knew it would be perfect for one of my best friends new grandson......I'm going to stitch his name (Riley) on one of the boats. I've also been dreaming about what sort of lable to put on the back......Please feel free to send me your ideas.....I want it to be something besides a retangle with words........
On another note....I've been thinking of putting a sign out front on my lawn.........It would read:

The Foster Home
(no vacancies at present)
Our last name is friends joke and call us the "Foster Home" because we are always taking someone in needing help.............
So we have a new resident again.........the last one was here about 3 weeks this past May........hummmmmmmm......
Really it's not that bad....I just have to remember to wear my robe in the mornings! Anyway.....say a prayer for this young man......he is a dear and has no family for support(parents are deceased).....He and my son Anthony are good friends and thinking of "rooming" together, but it just hasn't worked out yet.

Now I'm off to make a salad and then get back to sewing.
hugs, Terri


Terry said...

Your pinwheels are so pretty! Forget about deadlines and just enjoy the process of sewing and making something beautiful! :0)

FIONA said...

I always try not to work to deadlines - it seems to take the enjoyment out of the stitching! Great blog - thanks!

Allie said...

Love your pinwheels girl, I hope you keep on - and for the label I would do a sailboat! With the name and date on the sails. Applique it on before you put the back on - you could even do a line of wavy stitching under it, like waves, and then if it's not perfectly straight it will look like it's sailing and won't matter.
The Foster Home - *SNORT* LOVE IT!

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

I am loving the sail boats!