Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another antique....

this is one of my favorite antiques in my house.....it's a middle to late 1800's Pie/Bakers Rack if I remember correctly. I have books and fabric stored inside.....the little crochet bag in the front holds an antique tape measure with kittens on it. I just love it.
I've been staying away from my computer as everything electrical or mechanical is failing me. My son's car died, my heat is out and winter is coming, my dryer died and Fri. evening my "check engine" light in my van came on and Dh's van is sputtering.......dare I turn a sewing machine on now? Even my light box to trace Joy of the http://gumtreedesigners.blogspot.com/darling new design?? I'm kinda scared....
I'm anxiously waiting to hear from my swap partner....we have our hug swaps traveling between the UK and USA.....can't wait to see mine....we knew we'd both get ours late. Hate that I forgot to take a picture before I sent Laura's off ;<
Not much else to tell....soon as I think it is safe to touch Dh's digital camera(mechanical device, you know) I'll show you a picture of the quilt blocks I found at the thrift shop today. They are sooooooo cute!! and lots of them.....Allie called me while I was plundering through the place. She was no help to discourage me from making purchases!!
I'm off to see what I can do without tearing it up!!!


Kim said...

Hi Terri. Noticed your comments over at Terry's blog and came over to visit. Love your antique cabinet. Hope all things electrically challenged turn around for the better soon. Why do things like this have to happen all at once? Is it a rule or something, lol? Hang in there. :O)

Allie said...

That's beautiful, Terry!!!!! And yes, you should only be picking up needle and thread, lol. Murphy's law seems to be working overtime at your house. I'm saying some prayers for you!
I cannot WAIT to see those quilt blocks!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love your antique cabinet. What a treasure :-)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

your cabinet is just gorgeous! And I do hope all your mechanical problems disappear real soon. :)