Saturday, October 3, 2009

Want to see something pretty?

No....I cannot take credit for this.....I'm not nearly that good at sewing......yet! I'll die trying though! These are 2 vintage dresses that I own.....from different auctions/estate sales. Every now and then I'll start posting pictures of some of my "finds"....I have alot of this kind of stuff and I'm getting tired of cleaning all of it. For a long while I was bad about buying it and not cleaning it right away(aside for checking for bugs). I've sold alot of stuff along the way....which was usually what was washed.
My Dh walked around my sewing room the other day and took the closets, drawers...everywhere! Allie of be so happy and bugging me to post everyday till she sees it all!!
Jeepers!! It's October already....
Wow!! My parents were right.....they said the older you get the faster time goes!! I wasn't so sure about that but I am convinced now. I really love the change in weather.....I breathe so much easier when it is cooler.
Well now....I'm off to either sew Girl Scout patches on Jennifer's (my niece) vest or fight with my lack of skill sewing with a twin needle and get some dreaded hemming done that is long overdue because I've been too busy doing stitcheries from the great talented girls at I'm still waiting on their new disigns since they started their collaboration.
Oh!! one more thing......have been over to Laurie's to sign up to do a block yet?? You could win a jelly roll!!! And more importantly give some love and support to Terry and her family.


Allie said...

Oh Terri how GORGEOUS!!!!! Get my room ready I'm coming down. [I WISH!] Yes, I want to see it all.
Cooler? I'm waiting for snow. It feels that cold to me. *shudder*

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Such beautiful dresses. What a treasure.

Auntie Pam said...

I love the one on the left. Those are gorgeous! You lucky dog u!!!

Auntie Pam

Neabear said...

Your comment on Terry's blog caught my eye. I work as a COTA so your mentioning that you are an OTR jumped out at me immediately. I have a sewing and craft blog as well as my main blog. Would love to have you visit. I also would love to see the pictures of your sewing room. I am working on fixing mine up.

Oh, I also added myself as one of your followers.