Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hmmmmm......what will get your attention?

My latest little things I've made......In the hoop Eyeglass cases from I'm making up a bunch of these for the Hands Of Love project some of us are doing from the MEH forum.....a gift project to support military family members. They get gone as fast as I can make them.....I have some aprons I want to get done too with a Sampler design from .
Did ya' see the button on my sidebar for my flicker album?? I'm working on adding a few pictures at a time.....Flicker seems alot easier than Photobucket....especially when you have Allie on the other end of the phone line coaching!! I couldn't do this blog without her.
Now I'm off to do some dreaded mending.......something I hate to do!


Allie said...

Now girl, you've ALWAYS got my attention, lol! Love that eyeglass case.
I've never tried photobucket - I don't like the name, lol. I know stupid reason to not like something, but hey. Hope you get the mending done, blech!

Laura said...

Hi Terri
I love your new project,the fabric you ahve used is very pretty.
I am finally home only until Wednesday,I am going to Chile that evening.
I did send you an email, telling you that I posted your "Hug Mug" from Canada, please let me know when you get it.

Jennifer said...

love your blog!