Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look at these!!

Okay...I know it's not a great picture but aren't these cute? My evening ASG group the "Moonlight Stitchers" got together last night and we made purses out of Santa Hats/Elf Hats.... We used Christmas themed fabrics for the lining and straps. We are donating these purses to raise money for our ASG chapter. Last night we also dived up some fabric donated from my stash to do some other sewing projects for different Charity projects we're involved in. I even put out a challenge to my group.....I will have my sewing room available 2 different weekends this month for any of them to come over and they can make Charity projects in a "Sit-n_Sew" style environment.....I have 2 ladies coming Sat. and 2 ladies on Sun......my husband is such a good fellow for putting up with this! ;P
Hmmmmm....what else? Oh! I finished making my peyote beads for my bracelet. Thurs. morning my morning ASG group the "Rockin Bobbins" are going back to "Nuff Stuff" (local bead shop) to finish our beaded bracelets. Then hopefully Friday I can rest up for my marathon "Sit-n-Sew" weekend.
More later....


Allie said...

Oh my gosh those are so cute!!!!! I love them Terri! I want to see your bracelet too.

sewnon said...

Love the Santa Hat bags Terri. You have been busy