Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prizes and Swaps!! Oh Boy!!

Remember when Lynn of The Vintage Nest announced her Nest Eggs and a "give-away"? Guess who won?! ME!!!!!!!!
Can you believe it? My sweet lil' package came in the mail yesterday.....I talked my Dh into snapping a picture for you, but you really should just zip over and check out Lynn's blog
Let's see......What else have I been up to?? Oh yeah! I signed up for the Hug Swap
over at Jenny's blog.....Vicki at Tozz's Corner is also hosting this darling swap! They have provided great designs we can use.
Hmmmmmm....Oh! I've also been tracing and stitching the Christmas designs from Cheryl at
Have you noticed all the links I've been practicing putting in my post? I'v got to quit calling Allie everytime I need to do this ;P
Surely she will appreciate my practicing!
Oh! I also started knitting a dish cloth for Christmas......the cotton yarn is white with specks of red and green sprinkled all over....too to come if I can wink enough at my Dh!
I'm off to play a little more before I head to snooze-land!


Allie said...

That little nest is SO SWEET!!!!! I'm so glad you joined the swap too. And yay you did the links! There's no stopping you now, girl!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Girl, you are really getting the hang of blogging - I love it!! Now we get to see what Terri's up to more often. :-)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Didn't they smell good? :) Happy Monday

Tozz said...

I loved that sweet nest and I collected them at a time a while ago too. Great to see your practising working real well. Glad you joined in the swap to send Hugs around the world :)