Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whew!! A busy weekend!!

Let's see......Sat. I went to my knitting group.....we always have so much fun. We're always laughing....and usually eating too. This group of people always cheer me up if I need it.
Then today, I actually roped my Dh( Brian) into helping me purge/re-organize some in my sewing room. Boy that felt good! Still have more to do but made some progress.
Tomorrow I have to go to Aiken SC (1.5hr. away) for a CAB meeting for the American Sewing Guild since I'm a Neighborhood Group(NG) Leader and THEN I have NG meeting at 6:30 pm to do a Sit-n-Sew....I'll be dead by bedtime.....
And to top it off tomorrow is my oldest niece, Jennifer's birthday....she will be 10! I can hardly believe it.....I adore this could I not when she sees me through a window when I arrive and she starts clapping and jumping up and down. All of my nieces are special to me in one way or another....Jennifer was the 1st. one and I thought going to be the only one. She was a loooooooooooong time in coming. My sister and I kept saying "think pink" because we wanted a girl so bad. I'll try to post a picture of her tomorrow.....If I'm still alive after everything I'll be doing.
Now I need to go get some shut-eye......;P

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Allie said...

I see why I won't be calling you tomorrow, lol. Don't overdo!